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Poser Rally 2015


We invite you to our "Poser 2015" Rally
on 19th to 21st June 2015

Please note that this is a ticket/bike rally only.

If you do not arrive on a bike and have a ticket you will be turned away.

No Cars, No vans, No motorhomes, No excuses.

Real Ale Bar

£2 a Pint - * -£2 a Pint - * - £2 a Pint - * - £2 a Pint - * - £2 a Pint

The Druids are going to run the Poser Rally, REAL ALE BAR again this year. The aim is to prvide a good selection of real ales from a number of local breweries at £2 a pint, plus the usual lagers and ciders. We are hoping, by doing this, to keep the Poser rally going at its current leavel of entertainment without increasing the ticket price, and at a low bar price keep people on site and enjoy the sunshine!!
Hope you will support us and leave your tins at home, they're not a match on what we have to offer.

Not only do we have a great rally bar but also some great bands playing both night's.

300 Limit

Entry to this event is strictly limited to those who arrive by motorcycle / trike.
Disabled accepted by appointment.
Failure to comply will invalidate any ticket previously issued. You will be turned away.
Thank you.

Set in a lush field in the picturesque countryside of Lincolnshire. The facilities consist of a large marquee with a well-stocked real ale bar at one end, and a stage and disco at the other. On site catering is provided all weekend with a full menu available. If you are lucky then an ice cream van might call on Saturday afternoon to keep you all cool. Ample port-a-loos, including one with disabled facilities, are located around the site.

You will be entertained throughout the weekend by a rock disco, plus two specially selected bands, one each night. Check out our links page for more information.

Late Saturday afternoon there are a couple of silly rally games to help work up a thirst ready for the evening. At around 10pm on Saturday evening the Awards are ceremoniously handed out, followed by the band's second set.

To round up the weekend we hold a raffle at about 10am on Sunday morning with the proceeds divided between Lincolnshire & Nottinghamshire Air Ambulance and a Grantham stout troop. There are some excellent prizes to be won.

For those of you who like to take a little walk, there is a lovely country pub, set at the side of the village green. It offers great food and keeps a good bar! You may have to wait a while for food at busy times of the day, but what's the rush?

The rally has been taking place annually for 30 odd years. We are fortunate to have made many good friends over the years, who return again and again to enjoy the relaxed atmosphere. However, we are also keen to welcome new faces and make new acquaintances with whom to swap tall tales and waffle away the hours. We hope you can make it.

To help us do our bit for the environment we would like you to bring your own mug/tea cup (best china only). There will be free tea and coffee all weekend in the control tent and this will help us save on polystyrene cups.

You can then print and complete the tear off "application for tickets" section,
and return it, with your payment, to us at the address on the form.

The Druids would like to thank everybody that attended the Poser Rally this year and help us all have a wounderful weekend.
We enjoyed it as much as you all did, and hope to see you again next year.


Big THANK YOU to you all that bought raffle tickets.
You helped us raise £487.49p for the two charities that we sponsor.
Lincolnshire & Nottinghamshire Air Ambulance and a
Grantham Scout troop.

Your Comments

Your comments and reviews are always welcome. Thank you.

We had a great weekend at the 2012 poser rally,well organised,friendly people,entertainment was first class and who needs to take beer with bar prices like that!Well done Druids mcc,a rally with a really good atmosphere,spot on!

Little Kev
Ok, let's have your opinion's on this one;

Couple of weeks ago I did a rally that was done in a farmers field, (the sheep were only moved out a day or 2 before the rally & there was still sheep s*** on the ground) There was a big marque for the band, disco, dancing etc. Another smaller marque alongside for the bar & a little way away was a further marque with a catering kitchen doing proper meals, with seating & tables under the marque to eat at. There was no stalls selling their wares.
At night there was NOT a multitude of bands, just one band a night & the disco.
This was probably the best rally I've done so far this year. also unlike other rallies, numbers seemed to be UP this year instead of down.

The question I'm slowly trying to get round to, is why are a lot of rally organiser's trying to out compete each other & make rallies more like mini rock festival's with a mini high street of stalls.
Majority of rallies I've done this year have been just 1 band a night & a couple of stalls. The gate price has been lower, which in this current economic climate seems to be enticing more people to their events. & TBH, I have much prefered these type of rallies.

Chris Reeve
Was at the same Rally Kev and have been doing it for the last "few" years (only missed one) give me a small trad type rally any day ---thats the main reason i stopped doing MAG rallies ---too

big, too money orientated and no one gives a fuck about ----the customer---US THE RALLYISTS----That's why i Love the Smaller rallies and support them

Peter Robdrup
Friends with Valerie Burgon
That was a bluddy great rally, typical Druid MCC quality. What a club. Thanks for a fantastic weekend you Druids! XXX

Barbara Norris
Some of my friends would like me to pass on their comments about how much they enjoyed the rally....

'another great memory'
'brilliant weekend'
'the Druids are excellent hosts'
'appreciate all the work that the Druids did to make it such a fantastic weekdend'

And I quite agree. I had a brilliant weekend myself (despite the raging torrent flowing through our tent Sunday morning!) and thank you all.
Well done everyone.

Ken Smith
What a fantastic Rally with absolutely superb company, this one is on the NEVER to miss list. Many thanks for a fabulous time,

Martin Davies

Mark Aves
Thanks for hosting a cracking rally guys! Much fun had all weekend. Loved the egg catching part haha even after getting covered in goo ;0)

Jock Lindsay
thanks for a blinding rally see you all soon in a field somewhere else

Jim Creasey
Thank you Druids MCC for another great Poser rally. See you all next time.

Manna Catherall
Banging Friday night guys, many thanks for being made very welcome, MING S DDMCC

Madmic Dilligaf
marvelous weekend at the druids poser rally


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